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Latest News: Updated SSL dlls available for IMAPSize (April 26th, 2020)
NOTE: Please be advised that IMAPSize is no longer under active development since 2009. It is not likely that any updates will be released and unfortunately I am not in a position to provide any support for it. However, the software still works as expected so feel free to give it a spin!

The SSL dlls that are distributed with the 2009 IMAPSize releases below are outdated and some IMAP servers will deny it access. In order to allow IMAPSize to successfully connect to such services, you can replace these dlls with the ones provided in this zip file. Instructions for updating are available in the zip file.

IMAPSize ships in three different packages:

  • Installer: To install IMAPSize from the installer, click on the downloaded exe file and follow the instructions. The installer can be used for first installations as well as for upgrades.
  • Zipped distribution: To install from the zipped distribution file, download and unpack it to a folder of your choice and start using the application by double clicking imapsize.exe.
  • Zipped upgrade: Use this only if you already have IMAPSize installed. Simply unpack the contents of the archive into the directory where IMAPSize is installed.

If you are not sure what version to get, download the Installer.

The only real advantage of the installer is that it takes care of keeping the configuration file accross installations. With the zipped distribution you have to take care of preserving the config file (imapsize.xml) yourself. The installer will also place the shortcuts on the Programs menu and provide an uninstaller.
Latest release
You can download the latest release (0.3.7) of IMAPSize from the following links:
Webmasters: External linking to IMAPSize files
If you wish to allow the visitors of your site to download IMAPSize, you are welcome to link to one of the distribution files above. However, since these files contain version numbers, these may become outdated. You are therefore encouraged to link to this page instead.
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