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iWAP - WAP and XHTML IMAP mail client
iWAP is a full featured WAP/XHTML based email client for IMAP mailboxes. It sits on a webserver and provides access to IMAP accounts through WAP1 and WAP2 (XHTML) browsers on mobile handsets. It is written in Python.

iWAP works over WAP 1.x and WAP 2.x (XHTML), which means that it will work for both users with old handsets and those with the newest high-end devices. The main goal is to keep it fast, low-bandwidth and usable for people with huge mailboxes.

Currently iWAP is not available for download, but the source code snapshot is available on SourceForge. Anyone wishing to contribute to the project is very welcome to join the development.

iWAP is a product which I've been working on from time to time with great pleasure during the last year. It all started when I was helping out FastMail.FM improve their WAP interface, by adapting an open source PHP WAP script. The script did (does) work great, but it had some weak sides so I started rewriting the whole thing in Python, making it more robust, secure and expanding it to XHTML, with automatic detection of browser's capabilities (via WURFL). It turned out to be a project I enjoyed and decided to improve it even further and make it available to the public. Currently, the script is fully functional (but alas, doesn't work out of the box) and I'm working on a generic administration side of it, so that email service providers and email enthusiasts managing their own domains can install it and access their IMAP mailboxes with powerful features from mobile devices.

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