This site is a collection of my hobby projects, which include some desktop applications, a few scripts, a blog and some websites. It is basically my little playground for trying out different technologies. All the software is a work of pleasure and is completely free for you to use.

IMAPSize is a tool for maintaining IMAP accounts or, as some people have described it, it is a swiss knife for IMAP. It comes with powerful features such as attachment management, account backups, global searches, etc. If you're using IMAP for email, you should check what IMAPSize can do for you.

eml2mbox is a platform independent Ruby script for converting multiple eml files into one mbox file.

SimpleTags is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to easily generate Technorati tags at the bottom of your blog entries without using custom fields. It is also the shortest useful piece of code I've ever written.

lggrem2rss is a Python script for converting your daily linkaGoGo reminders into an RSS feed. It uses the linkaGoGo REST API.

IMAP Quota Checker is a simple Python script for checking the quota of your IMAP account and notifying you via email if the quota is above the level you specified.

TreePad Size is a handy tool for TreePad users.

Tablić is a card game played throughout former Yugoslavia.

A few years ago I started actively hiking and using different apps to enhance my journeys. I write about them in my new hiker apps blog.

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